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Challenging the myth of religious violence

Religion is being wrongly blamed for ‘driving’ global violence, but it is moderate religious voices who are best positioned to address the problem, argues Professor Kate Cooper. The recently published Global Terrorism Index 2013 is being reported  as confirming that “religion has become the main driver of terrorism”, surpassing nationalist and other motives. But there [...]
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Negotiations making it harder to ‘sell’ free trade

Trade negotiations are increasingly impinging on the way economies are regulated domestically, making it harder to ‘sell’ free trade, argues Dr Gabriel Siles-Brügge. ‘The European economy stands or falls on our ability to keep markets open, to open new markets, and to develop new areas where Europe’s inventors, investors, and entrepreneurs can trade’, said the [...]
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Where next for education policy? 

This year’s Manchester Policy Week witnessed a lively debate on how we can close the socio-economic attainment gap in education. Dr Kirstin Kerr heard some clear recommendations emerge. If there’s one thing the major political parties agree on, it is that the link between poverty and poor educational outcomes must be broken. Ever since Tony Blair set out his priorities [...]
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Learning from The Apprentice

As Global Entrepreneurship Week celebrates innovation, Dr Nicola Banks warns that youth entrepreneurship is no magic solution to mass youth unemployment. The Apprentice is one of my TV highlights. Watching through open fingers as Lord Alan Sugar tries to find his next business partner amongst a bunch of hapless contestants makes one thing very clear. [...]
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