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Greece and the future of the European Project

Agreement has been reached over a deal to keep Greece in the Euro, for the time being at least. But, Mustafa Cirakli says, the problems in the country and the whole Eurozone are far from over. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t! Such was the predicament in which the SYRIZA-led Greek government stood in […]


The limits to equal pay audits

Earlier this month David Cameron set out plans to force large firms to reveal data on the gender pay among their staff. Here Jill Rubery explores the possibilities and pitfalls of the policy. The rather surprising conversion of the Cameron government to the need for large organisations to conduct and publish equal pay audits has […]


Securing the Internet

The scale and vast cost of cyber crime has been made clear in the last few weeks. Daniel Dresner suggests that stronger industrial standards may be the best response. Cyber crime is reportedly costing the UK up to £34bn each year. Within that total, personal identity fraud is rising fast and is now responsible for […]


The Drug Resistance Crisis

Drug resistance and the lack of new antibiotics are creating a potential medical crisis, the government’s Chief Medical Officer Professor Dame Sally Davies warned in this year’s University of Manchester Cockcroft Rutherford Lecture. We are in danger of losing modern medicine. Growing drug resistance among bacteria, viruses and other microbes poses a catastrophic threat to […]

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Social climbing makes the English happy, but not Americans

In a paper published this week, and covered in the national media, Bram Vanhoutte explores social mobility in England and US. What are the policy implications of these findings? Social mobility, or the difference between the social position of your upbringing and the one you yourself are in, can yield powerful insight into mechanisms that […]


Benefits and costs of party diversity

Why do Conservatives try so hard to increase their ethnic diversity while Labour takes minorities for granted? It all depends on who their target voter is. Labour’s target voters thought less of the party when they knew about its ethnic diversity, Conservative’s target voters were the opposite, explains Maria Sobolewska. For political parties the question […]


Teaching at the heart of the system – A Teaching Excellence framework

Earlier this month the Universities Minister, Jo Johnson, mapped out his vision for the HE sector over the next 5 years. Here Carl Emery looks at the implications. Addressing the Universities UK (UUK) group the Minister set out 3 key manifesto pledges: lifting the cap on student numbers and widening participation “to remove barriers to […]


British Muslims do feel British, Prime Minister

While David Cameron has urged British Muslims to assert their British identity, the evidence is that they already do, explains Saffron Karlsen. There is a widely held perception in society that Muslim people living in Britain do not feel British. Comments by David Cameron and others, for example, describe a need to address the lack […]


Under new management? Devolution and regional economies

The gap in economic performance between London and the regions is large and will not be closed by devolving limited powers to  city regions and Celtic nations that will adopt conventional economic policies, argues Professor Karel Williams.                                        “It is time for you to take control of your own affairs….we will hand power from the […]

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Devolution: it’s a constitutional issue

Government today is trying to create a ‘system’ of devolution from a legacy formed of a tacit constitution and Thatcherite centralism, explains Professor Michael Moran. Devolution – whether to the Celtic nations or within England – has many faces and raises many issues – of economy, identity and political strategy. But it is worth remembering […]