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Back to the future; the recurring patterns of flooding in the UK

Flooding is not new in Britain, with major floods recorded throughout history. But with predictions of climate change suggesting such deluge conditions may become more common, Dr Anna Carlsson-Hyslop argues that policymakers must heed some important lessons from the history of flooding. History tells us that central government involvement in flood defence has swung first [...]
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What is the impact of the ‘bedroom tax’ on children and schools?

A year on from the introduction of the ‘bedroom tax’, Prof Ruth Lupton argues that reducing the incomes of poor families and creating instability for poor children is a nonsensical policy for a government committed to closing the socio-economic attainment gap. One of the Coalition government’s most controversial welfare reform policies, the so-called ‘bedroom tax’, [...]
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Who owns London’s revenues?

The debate is raging on whether London disproportionately creates or consumes the UK’s revenues. Dr Adam Leaver chips in. Ever since Evan Davis presented Mind the Gap, a debate has raged about whether London’s dominance of the UK economy is a positive or a negative. While my colleagues Iain Deas, Graham Haughton and Stephen Hincks have put forward the [...]
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Is the picture of Pakistani self-employment really so rosy?

There is economic vibrancy in Asian-dominated areas of the UK, driven by the entrepreneurial spirit of the self-employed, according to some reports. But, says Ken Clark, analysis of official statistics reveals a rather less rosy picture.  Asian-dominated areas of the UK are booming, according to The Economist – in stark contrast to “struggling white towns”. The credit for this boom [...]
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Does the UK have a future in manufacturing?

Thanks to its world­-class science base the UK is very good at developing ideas. But we still don’t invest enough public money into developing early stage technologies, says Dr Kieron Flanagan. Does the UK have a future in manufacturing? Does the North West or the Greater Manchester city region have a future in manufacturing for that matter? These were the questions debated at a panel discussion I took part [...]
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