To merge or not to merge…

Competition is the basis of a healthy capitalist economy. The proposed Ladbrokes/Coral merger highlights the question of when regulators should permit reduced competition, explains John Pal. The mooted Ladbrokes acquisition of Coral is likely to bring the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) calling with an inquiry. A successful acquisition would lead to Ladbrokes controlling at […]

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The quest for solidarity in a fractured Europe

With conflict raging in Calais between lorry drivers and would-be migrants to the UK, Tanja Müller asks what happened to European solidarity. World Refugee Day 2015, on 20 June, coincided with a huge anti-austerity demonstration in London. This was narrowly concerned with the specific politics on the British Isles – politics that seems to become […]

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Inequality: What is to be done?

Professor David Hulme tackles the problem of rising global inequality. Over the past few years there has been a wealth of research demonstrating the perils of inequality – both in the rich world and in developing countries. Studies have shown that increasing levels of inequality bring greater social problems and can act as a brake […]

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Booming Manchester

Manchester’s economy, and its population, is growing, But the decision to ‘pause’ the electrification of the Manchester-Leeds rail line underlines the reality that important decisions are still controlled nationally, explains Professor Diane Coyle. One of the most telling signs of a successful economy is when people vote with their feet and move there. As the […]


Out of Time: Fracking in UK Energy Policy

As the decision on fracking at Little Plumpton in Lancashire is delayed, Dr John Broderick of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, part of Manchester Energy, considers whether a UK shale gas industry may turn out to be an anachronism. Whether the go-ahead for fracking in Lancashire is given or not, there is little […]


Inequality in the criminal justice system

Ethnic minorities are heavily over-represented at all stages of the criminal justice system. We have to look at the wider structure of inequality to understand why, argues Stephanie Wallace. Two dominant explanations generally account for the over representation of ethnic minority groups in the criminal justice system; ethnic minorities commit more crime and institutionalised racism. […]


The future of metro mayors – all eyes on Greater Manchester

Greater Manchester this week becomes the first combined metro area to have its own mayor. Professor Francesca Gains looks ahead at what awaits Tony Lloyd. Arrangements to deliver an elected metro mayor for Greater Manchester take several significant steps forward this week. In the House of Lords, the Cities and Local Government Devolution Bill moves […]

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Lessons from the Caribbean on integrated healthcare

The NHS has much that it could learn from integrated mental health and primary care in the Caribbean, explains Dr Dawn Edge. The government has signalled that health and social care providers must move from ‘engagement’ to full ‘integration’. While the details are being worked out, there is some (albeit muted) disquiet that mental healthcare […]

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Integrating physical and mental healthcare for people with multi-morbidity

Multi-morbidity – having more than one long-term health condition, often affecting mental health – is a worsening problem. In the first of two blogs considering the issue, Dr Peter Coventry explains there are ways to improve care. Of the 53 million people living in England, more than 15 million live with a long-term health condition […]


Employment targets for ethnic minorities will not reduce racial inequalities

Omar Khan, Director of the Runnymede Trust, assesses the prospects for ethnic minorities under the new Conservative Government. The Prime Minister David Cameron’s commitments during the 2015 campaign will continue rather than reduce racial inequalities in the labour market. His underwhelming targets suggest we need better evidence, proper legislative scrutiny and public debate to make democracy […]