The Women to Watch – #GE2015 – undecided voters

With less than 24 hours till the polls open for General Election 2015 Francesca Gains looks at the role undecided women voters could have on the outcome. Whilst the three female leaders, of the SNP, Plaid Cymru and the Green Party, have sometimes grabbed the headlines, it is undecided women voters who will be key […]

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Why don’t young people vote?

As politicians make their final canvasses for the General Election, they will be worrying about voter turnout. Professor Hilary Pilkington and Mark Ellison explain why young adults in the UK are less likely to vote than are their counterparts across Europe. Thursday’s General Election is widely regarded as the closest and perhaps most important for […]

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Picking a research winner

What research will the next government back and how should it choose? asks Professor Andrew Westwood. As we approach the General Election, the discussions of the research community in universities tend to focus on how to preserve the ‘science ringfence’ and the ‘dual support system’ (funding through both the Research Councils and the Funding Councils). […]

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UK GDP grows more slowly – should we worry?

Professor Diane Coyle explains that the latest, disappointing, GDP figures tell us little about what is actually happening in the economy. That won’t stop them being used by all the parties in the last days of the General Election campaign. It was no surprise that the General Election spin machines should try to put their […]


Clearing up the mess in the English school system

New proposals for the reform of the English education system are outlined in a report written by Mel Ainscow CBE and Alan Dyson, Professors of Education and co-directors of the Centre for Equity in Education at The University of Manchester, and their colleagues Sue Goldrick and Dr Kirstin Kerr. The English school system is in […]


We are deBono, we are Devo

Laurence Benson routinely uses the lateral thinking techniques of the original thinker Edward deBono to review new and old policy for public services. As a teaching focused academic at Manchester Business School here Laurence runs the recent devomanc policy through deBono’s Six Thinking Hats technique. Each hat has a different colour to represent a different […]


Transport can be the driver for the Northern Powerhouse

The outgoing coalition government launched the Northern Transport Strategy just days before the start of the General Election campaign – surely no coincidence. Professor Graham Winch looks beyond the short-term politics to explain why the outlined investment is worth it. The just published Northern Transport Strategy aims to use better transport links in Northern England […]


Why Gypsies and Travellers should count for more

Gypsies and Irish Travellers are dealing with discrimination and disadvantage – especially in housing provision. Nigel de Noronha explains why an accurate recording of their numbers in the census would be a good place to start to improve their situation. The 2011 census showed that white Gypsies and Irish Travellers are the ethnic group most […]


Could the SNP block a Labour Budget? No

Colin Talbot looks at the reality after Scottish National Party claims that they could block any budget if the Labour Party is leading a minority Government. The SNP are claiming they can ‘block Labour budgets’, ‘end austerity’ and ‘stop Trident’. Their problem however is simple – most of what they say is based on assuming […]


The manufacturing of death by EU asylum and migration politics

Hundreds of people trying to migrate from Africa to Europe have been drowned this week, when the boats they were travelling in sank. Here Tanja Müller says more needs to be done and that European policies have contributed to the deaths. It has become a defining feature of European asylum and migration policy in recent […]