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Learning from The Apprentice

As Global Entrepreneurship Week celebrates innovation, Dr Nicola Banks warns that youth entrepreneurship is no magic solution to mass youth unemployment. The Apprentice is one of my TV highlights. Watching through open fingers as Lord Alan Sugar tries to find his next business partner amongst a bunch of hapless contestants makes one thing very clear. [...]
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Young East Germans divided on EU

Despite the growth of the Eurosceptic AfD, most young East Germans support European solidarity, explain Dr Marius Guderjan and Dr Robert Grimm. Eurosceptic parties, including UKIP, made major gains across the EU in the 2014 European Parliament elections. In Germany, a traditionally Europhile nation, the Eurosceptic Alternative for Germany (AfD) made substantial gains and received [...]
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The role of intelligence agencies in the internet age

Effective controls and regulations ensure that the UK’s intelligence agencies use their advanced knowledge of cyberspace for the collective good, argues Sir David Omand. Our law enforcement and intelligence agencies can answer complex questions about legitimate targets that would previously have been hopelessly intractable. That capability in the hands of authoritarian governments can be used [...]
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Social connections central to delivering dementia care

Attention around dementia has focused on medication and support for carers. But social activities are critically important, explains Clarissa Giebel. Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease has just become recognised by the Office for National Statistics as the number one killer of women in the UK. It is estimated by the Alzheimer’s Society that 850,000 people living [...]
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