Tinkering around the edges; how policymakers are avoiding the big banking issues

The European Central Bank met this week to begin debating a European-wide bank crisis plan. But if we are to avoid further systemic issues in banking, it is the whole structure that needs to be addressed, argues Ian Crowther. We are in danger of learning nothing from the financial crisis, with bankers, policymakers and regulators […]

Public Pay for Private Work? Issues from bank ‘nationalisation’

I’ve been asked to post this important ‘think piece’ by a group of World Bank and OECD officials about the issues concerning the pay of private sector managers of banks and other institutions that have been effectively nationalised. There is also an on-line survey that the authors would like completed Link to on-line survey. Please pass […]

Government bails out “Private” Finance Initiative

The old joke that consultants borrow your watch and then charge you if you want to be told the time has finally come true. The UK Treasury has announced it will step in to provide the finance for £8bn worth of PFI (private finance initiative) deals this year, as other sources of finance dry up […]

Sir Fred Goodwin’s Pension: Pay for Performance?

One thing that the current financial crisis ought to do is raise a serious debate amongst public policy makers about pay for performance – in the private and public sectors.