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Social connections central to delivering dementia care

Attention around dementia has focused on medication and support for carers. But social activities are critically important, explains Clarissa Giebel. Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease has just become recognised by the Office for National Statistics as the number one killer of women in the UK. It is estimated by the Alzheimer’s Society that 850,000 people living [...]
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Polling Observatory 41: Opinion stable for now, but election battle lines are being drawn

This is the forty-first in a series of posts by Dr Robert Ford, Dr Will Jennings, Dr Mark Pickup and Prof Christopher Wlezien that report on the state of the parties in the UK as measured by opinion polls. By pooling together all the available polling evidence, the impact of the random variation that each individual survey inevitably produces can be [...]
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Where next for Labour’s schools policy?

With the Labour Party conference in town, Manchester Institute of Education (MIE) invited four leading figures in education to join teachers, academics, teacher educators, parents and others in a public debate on what a future Labour government should do on schools. Prof Ruth Lupton considers some of their key ideas. Panel members were Rt. Hon David [...]
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After the ‘No’: Constitutional Reform must not be by the Elites for the Elites

The constitutional debate unleashed by the Scottish Independence Referendum has revealed many of the contradictions and problems of the British political system. The result effectively undermines the notion of the Westminster model and the underlying principle of Parliamentary (in realty Executive) Sovereignty. The Westminster model is based on an idea of indivisible sovereignty, accompanied by [...]
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