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Evan Davis has overlooked role of policy in London’s transformation

London’s dominant economic role is not an accident of history but rather the result of policy and subsidy, explain Dr Iain Deas, Prof Graham Haughton and Dr Stephen Hincks. BBC presenter Evan Davis argues that government should do more to help large and successful cities prosper. In his recent series, Mind the Gap: London v the Rest - and [...]
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Breaking the Rules and Paying the Price: the lessons of Tony Benn, Cabinet Minister

Tony Benn found that without the help of officials, having radical ideas as a minister didn’t get him very far. On the day the veteran MP is laid to rest, Dave Richards and Martin Smith reflect on their interviews with Benn, his Cabinet colleagues and officials. Obituaries of Tony Benn considered his roles as campaigner, [...]
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Tackling the ‘childcare crunch’

Many women leave the labour market or cut their working hours after having children because childcare facilities are either unavailable, too expensive or simply inadequate, say Professor Colette Fagan and Dr Helen Norman. Read Dr Norman’s full policy briefing ‘UK Childcare in the European Context’ Childcare is now at the forefront of the political debate. [...]
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Budget shows politicians’ unwillingness to address ‘inactivity time bomb’

This year’s Budget is further evidence of politicians’ unwillingness to address an ‘inactivity time bomb’ that in time will undermine our economy, explains Dr Daniel Fitzpatrick. Lower unemployment and improved growth forecasts made this year’s Budget a much happier one for George Osborne. He was helped by the surprising news that most people in the [...]
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