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Statistics, the Sun and government press offices

Reporting the relationship between mental illness and homicide and suicide must be handled sensitively. When it is not, a social media firestorm can follow, explains Professor Louis Appleby. It was about 18 months ago, late at night, when I checked my Twitter timeline for news. What I found took me by surprise. The mental health […]

Muslims at prayer

Why are Muslims less accepted than other minorities in Britain?

Negative attitudes towards Muslims may cause discrimination and disadvantage. Dr Ingrid Storm considers the reasons why prejudice is still high. Muslims are less accepted in Britain than other religious and ethnic minorities. Such heightened negative attitudes could contribute to discrimination in the labour market, segregation and social conflicts. In a recent Policy@Manchester blog by Rob […]


Plain packaging essential to save children from smoking-related deaths

In the last days of the old Parliament, MPs agreed that from May next year cigarettes may only be sold in plain packaging. Dr Peter Mackereth congratulates politicians for their willingness to stand up to the tobacco industry, but warns the companies are fighting back. Almost a quarter of children aged 11 to 15 in […]


Reorganising the NHS: Never again?

As we approach the election, the  prospect of yet more organisational restructuring for the NHS fills Kieran Walshe with dismay.  The next government needs to focus more on changes which make a difference to patients, and which are founded on good evidence about what works. The ability to hold two conflicting positions in your mind […]


Can performance pay in primary care reduce mortality?

Government policy assumed that incentives for general practice through performance-related-pay would improve mortality rates and other outcomes. Its scheme for doing this appears not to have worked as intended, explains Evangelos Kontopantelis. Primary care has enormous potential for improving population health outcomes – including mortality from common chronic conditions – through early intervention in the […]


What role might cities play in UK asylum policy?

Government policy towards asylum seekers is being challenged. Dr Jonathan Darling asks if this should become part of the debate on the devolution of powers. Disagreements between local authorities and the Home Office over asylum seeker dispersal numbers and arrangements have a long-standing history in Britain. Yet recently they have garnered greater media attention due […]

Manchester Uni

A Northern Science Powerhouse? Yes, but…

The Sir Henry Royce Institute for Materials Research and Innovation is good news for Northern England, but reform of research funding is needed to create a sustainable scientific ‘powerhouse’ in the North, argues Dr Kieron Flanagan. Chancellor George Osborne has made much in recent months of his ambition to help the cities of Manchester, Leeds, […]


Unpicking the hierarchy of prejudice

Chelsea fans’ actions in Paris received media and political condemnation. James Rhodes considers why a report revealing racialised inequalities in UK universities did not. On 17 February, a group of Chelsea football fans travelling on the Paris Metro to a Champions League match against Paris Saint-Germain were filmed chanting “we’re racist, we’re racist, and that’s […]


The truth behind ‘Pensions Freedom’

If you intend to retire within the next year, then the best course of action may simply be not to, warns John Read. Chancellor George Osborne made a bold claim in last week’s Budget. “Last year I unlocked pensions with freedom for millions of savers,” he said. Yet the reality is very different. That so-called […]


Time to make a stand over Europe

As the General Election campaign hots up and UKIP maintain their strong showing in the polls, former MEP Gary Titley says that pro-Europeans need to snatch back control of the debate, in a battle for Britain’s future. The time has come to make a stand on Europe. For far too long the anti-Europeans have had […]