Employment targets for ethnic minorities will not reduce racial inequalities

Omar Khan, Director of the Runnymede Trust, assesses the prospects for ethnic minorities under the new Conservative Government. The Prime Minister David Cameron’s commitments during the 2015 campaign will continue rather than reduce racial inequalities in the labour market. His underwhelming targets suggest we need better evidence, proper legislative scrutiny and public debate to make democracy […]


Migration and public health

Matteo Dembech of the World Health Organisation (WHO) blogs on how WHO is working to improve the health of migrants, including those trying to cross the Mediterranean this summer and how Governments in the EU can help. Seventy-three million migrants are estimated to live in the WHO European Region. Since 2011, particularly those countries closest […]


Framing DevoManc

Just how good a deal is DevoManc? David Walker expresses scepticism. Here are two ways of framing DevoManc. The first is (somewhat breathless) localist enthusiasm. A principal city-region is being offered new power to shape spending and services in health and social care, infrastructure and transport. As important as substance is the theatre: a group […]


Peace prospects for Cyprus

 Mustafa Cirakli and Fadil Ersozer look at the latest developments in Cyprus, after one of the main players in negotiations gave a lecture in Manchester. The decades-old reunification talks between Greek and Turkish Cypriots, which resumed in February last year, were unilaterally suspended by the Greek Cypriot side in October last year after an alleged violation […]

African town

Tackling exclusion in informal urban communities

Across much of the global South, urban centres are expanding as new informal suburbs are created. Those informal communities generate challenges for both their own populations and the authorities, explains Dr Jessica Roccard. Urbanisation was one of the most substantial and revolutionary social forces of the 20th Century. It continues to transform the global South. […]


Privacy vs Security

As data protection becomes a hot topic again  with the publication of the ‘A Question of Trust‘ report, Professor Steve Furber asks if we should be worried. I have always assumed that government security agencies – GCHQ, NSA, etc – can snoop on what they like, when they like, and that this is in the interests […]


Ethnic diversity and UK PLC

The top UK firms need more leadership from government to close the ethnic diversity gap, argues Ken Clark. Ethnic disadvantage in the labour market has been well documented in recent years. In the UK, as in many other countries, some non-white groups face restricted access to employment and suffer lower wages when in jobs. These […]

Cambridge Uni

The role of ethnicity in university admissions

Your likelihood of being offered a place at a Russell Group university may be related to your ethnicity, explains Steven Jones. Here is an excerpt from a UCAS personal statement written recently by an applicant to a Russell Group university: “There are various times where I have been a team member such as in hockey, […]


Can parenting training reduce death rates?

Violent crime, particularly related to drug trafficking, is one of the world’s major causes of death.  Anilena Mejia suggests parenting training may be effective in reducing crime and violence.  Crime is the main cause of death in many countries. In Guatemala City, it is estimated that 116 people in every 100,000 are murdered each year. […]

research lab

Misleading reporting is damaging scientific research

It is essential that scientific research findings can be reproduced independently. But, warn Oscar Flórez-Vargas and Michael Bramhall, this is often not possible. The potential for the development of new treatments for diseases is being damaged by scientific research papers that are providing insufficient, and sometimes misleading, information. The incidence of these reporting weaknesses is […]